Traveling With A Full-Time Job by Danielle Desir

With the release of every new book, I share an excerpt on the podcast. In this episode, I read excerpts from Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 of my newest release Traveling With A Full-Time Job. In Chapter 2, we address the elephant in the room. We discuss the challenges many face trying to find the time to travel with traditional nine-to-five jobs. And in Chapter 3, I encourage readers to address any limiting beliefs they may have so we can come up with effective solutions. Remember, time is your biggest asset. Now start treating it like one!

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Tips for traveling with a full-time job The Thought Card Podcast

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Can you travel the world with a 9 to 5 job? While I certainly think it’s possible, don’t take my word for it. To celebrate the release of my third book Traveling With A Full-Time Job, I’m sharing an audio clip from the bonus video which accompanies the book. In this episode, four avid travelers share tips for traveling with a full-time job, advice for managing their time, and what it takes to honestly do both. A very special thank you to Kay Kingsman, JoAnna Niles, Christopher Rudder, and Rachel Elizabeth. Connect with each of them down below.

Traveling With A Full-Time Job and the bonus video is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Rakuten kobo, and Scribd. Also, read the first chapter for free here!

In this episode we cover:

  • The challenges of traveling with a full-time job.
  • Why we haven’t taken the leap to quit our jobs and travel the world.
  • Advice for those who want to travel often with a career.

Meet The Travel Experts

Tips For Traveling With A Full-Time Job Panel

Rachel Elizabeth


Instagram: @blondwayfarer

Facebook: @blondwayfarer

Twitter: @blondwayfarer

JoAnna Niles


Instagram: @joannaen

Facebook: @joannaeblog

Twitter: @joannaeblog

Christopher Rudder


Instagram: @rudderless_trvl


Twitter: @Rudderless_TRVL

Check out this episode where Chris and I share what we’ve learned from attending the travel blogging conference TBEX.

Kay Kingsman


Facebook: @awktravels

Twitter: @awktravels

How our travels have changed since the pandemic on The Thought Card Podcast.

The way we travel has changed dramatically since the Coronavirus outbreak. In this bonus episode, Kyle and I candidly share how our travels have changed since the pandemic, how we plan to travel in the future, and things to consider if you decide to hit the road.

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While traveling right now is a personal choice, we feel comfortable with exploring smaller, rural cities 3-4 hours from home. Although we are avoiding air and train travel (unless a necessity), we are excited about road trips and staying at privately owned rental properties.

My biggest takeaway from visiting Vermont during the pandemic is to be flexible, take all the necessary precautions to stay safe and healthy, and to only do what you’re comfortable with.

Wondering how we find the time to travel with full-time jobs? Order a copy of Traveling With A Full-Time Job, a how-to guide packed with helpful advice for making the best use of your limited vacation time.

Visiting Vermont During the Pandemic: What You Should When Planning Your Trip
Hiking Green Mountain Forest in Vermont!

In this episode we cover:

  • [2:00] How we’re thinking about air travel during the pandemic.
  • [5:00] Benefits of road trips.
  • [6:50] Hotels vs. Airbnb.
  • [9:15] How to find things to do and restaurants while traveling.
  • [10:55] Things to pack during the pandemic:
    • Face masks
    • Hand sanitizers
    • Tissues
    • Gloves
    • Water and snacks
  • [13:25] Our predictions for the rest of 2020 and beyond.

Helpful Travel Planning Resources

Get $35 off your first Airbnb rental including unique stays, entire homes, cabins and more.

Waze: Get driving directions and road alerts with this navigation app.

How has your travels changed during the pandemic?

Brittnay Sharman is an Autraulian professional house sitter.

Brittnay Sharman is a professional house sitter from Australia. She is one half of The Travelling House Sitters, a travel blog that shares everything you need to know about house and pet sitting. Together with her partner Jayden, they have looked after 35 homes and 65 animals in 13 countries. They have over 21 house sits under their belt. In this episode, learn how house sitting has afforded Brittnay the opportunity to explore the world while keeping costs low. Brittnay and Jayden have house sat in New Zealand, Australia, Italy, France, Montenegro, Malaysia, Thailand and the U.K.

Read more about how she saved 5,000 € house sitting in Ireland.

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Learn how to travel the world while saving money with Brittnay’s course How to Become a House Sitter. This course has all sorts of resources such as all the application templates they use, interview prep questions, tips for building the most appealing profile to homeowners as well as the best platforms to use in different countries.

In this episode we cover:

  • How Brittnay Sharman got started house sitting.
  • What is expected of a house sitter.
  • Benefits and perks of becoming a house sitter.
  • Why the holidays (Christmas and New Years) is a good time to book house sits.
  • Countries with the most house sitting opportunities.
  • How Brittnay saved $60,000 traveling the world as a professional house sitter.

Resources Mentioned:

Brittnay Sharman is a professional house sitter and the founder of The Travelling Housesitters .
Brittnay exploring Altona Beach, Australia.

Connect with Brittnay Sharman:


Course: How to Become a House Sitter

Facebook: @thetravellinghousesitters

Facebook Group: The Traveling House Sitters Group

Instagram: @thetravellinghousesitters

Twitter: @travelhousesit

If you enjoyed this episode, listen to Episode 49 where we chat with Stephanie Perry about taking an adult gap year.

Stephanie Perry of

At the age of 41, Stephanie Perry quit her job as a hospital pharmacy technician to take a one year trip to travel on her savings. During her adult gap year, she traveled to 12 countries. Now she house sits around the world and shows other travel lovers how to take a career break on a budget.

Stephanie Perry is an advocate for taking extended time off of work to travel and she believes in pursuing your personal goals while you’re in your prime, not in retirement. In this episode, Stephanie reminds us that we’re never too old to take a gap year and it’s possible to see the world on less than what it costs to stay home.

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If you see house sitting in your future, Stephanie can help you get your first booking. Sign up for House Sitter School and learn how to get FREE accommodation when you travel by becoming a house sitter.

Also, learn how to save for travel without sacrificing your other financial goals with my new book Affording Travel.

Inspired to take a career break? Get access to eight incredible sessions that will help you afford, plan, and take a career break with the Wealth Noir Work Sabbatical Summit. Sessions include how to find the perfect location to live abroad, how to accelerate your savings to early retirement, and more.

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How To Plan An Adult Gap Year

In this episode we cover:

  • Why Stephanie decided to take a year off to travel the world.
  • How she planned her grownup gap year.
  • How she saved $14,000 in 15 months for her adult gap year.
  • Tips for keeping track of your daily travel budget.
  • How to find short-term rentals and lodging options for long-term travel.

Resources Mentioned

Connect with Stephanie Perry


YouTube: Stephanie Perry

Facebook: @vaycarious

Instagram: @vaycarious

Twitter: @vaycarious

Learn how to get FREE accommodation when you travel by becoming a house sitter with Stephanie’s free Masterclass House Sitter School.

If you sign up with Trusted Housesitters today, you could have a free place to stay for your next vacation!

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Travel blogger by day and Physician by night, Nadeen White is an award-winning travel and lifestyle blogger, and Amazon bestselling author. Her affordable luxury travel blog The Sophisticated Life focuses on affordable luxury travel, destination guides, culinary travel and wine. In this episode we chat about how to afford more luxurious travel experiences.

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A special thank you to Kenny Lee Young for the outro featured on this episode. Kenny Lee Young is a singer-songwriter out of Colorado and his music can be found at

Update 12/27/20: Dr. Nadeen White is a founding member of Black Travel Alliance, an organization on a mission to support and increase the representation of Black travelers and Black travel content creators. Listen to How Black Travel Alliance Supports Black Travel Content Creators Worldwide.

In this episode we cover:

  • The common misconceptions about luxury travel
  • How we can travel more luxuriously on a budget
  • Tips for picking the best food experiences while traveling
  • How Nadeen balances her career, blogging and traveling

Resources Mentioned

Travel Guides To Your Favorite Travel Destinations by Nadeen White

USA Wine Guides for Travelers by Nadeen White

Nadeen White from The Sophisticated Life cruising to the Bahamas.
Nadeen cruising to the Bahamas!

Connect with Nadeen White


Facebook: @thesophisticatedlife

Instagram: @thesophislife

Twitter: @thesophislife

Pinterest: @thesophislife

If you enjoyed this episode, listen to Episode 30 about how to get started travel hacking with Cody Berman from Fly to FI.

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Best Time To Buy Cheap Flights According to 2018 Airfare Study

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Ever wondered when is the best time to buy flights? In this episode we pull back the curtain and take a look at’s 2018 Airfare Study. This airfare study analyzes the latest airfare trends and bases its findings on 917 million flights listed on CheapAir’s website in 2017.

In this bonus episode we cover:

  • How many times flight prices change overtime.
  • Best and worst days to fly.
  • 6 booking window zones including the best time to book the cheapest flights.
  • Cheapest day to book a flight.

When is the best time to buy flights?

Based on this study, here are the important things you need to know:

  1. Airfares change every 5-6 days.
  2. Use price alerts (from SkyScanner or Google Flights) to establish a fight price baseline and track price fluctuations.
  3. When you see an amazing flight deal be ready to jump on it!

Do you have a travel fund? Check out Episode 2: Why You Need a Travel Fund to learn why having a travel fund is an important part of making travel a financial priority.

When do you book flights, super early or last minute?

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The Thought Card Podcast Episode 2: Why You Need A Travel Fund

Travel doesn’t have to be expensive but it does cost money. If you want to travel more, in this episode I share how to start a travel fund and ways to tweak your budget to save more for travel.

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In this episode we cover:

  • What is a travel fund?
  • Why is a travel fund important?
  • How to start a travel fund.
  • Best saving accounts for travel fund.

Read Next: Best Savings Accounts For Travel Fund

What is a travel fund?

A travel fund is a powerful tool that you can use to help you save money for travel.

A travel fund is a dedicated bank account (checking, savings or money market) devoted to your travel savings and expenses. With a travel fund you’re intentionally saving money for travel and when it comes time to spend, you have a stash to pull from.

The point of a travel fund is to have money available for travel when you need it.

Why is a travel savings important?

A travel fund is important because it’s so much easier to save money for travel when it has its own home – a dedicated bank account separate from everything else.

#1 It’s a lot easier when you keep things separate

When you commingle funds you are less likely to achieve your goals. Even with the best intentions, it’s easy to overspend when all of your money is jumbled together in one bank account.

So if you ever have to pay for a flight or want to go on a spontaneous weekend getaway, you can tap into the funds you set aside specifically for travel expenses like flights, lodging, attractions and more.

#2 Avoids overspending

A travel fund can also help you avoid getting into debt and paying high balances on your credit card. At a glance you can check your balance and know exactly how much you have available to spend on travel.

#3 Keeps you grounded

A travel fund can keep your wanderlust in check and brings clarity to your finances.

Treat travel like a recurring bill

How important is travel to you?

If travel is important then consider treating it like a recurring bill. As a recurring bill you’ll set money aside for it every single month. Put travel right up their with your car insurance, rent and gym membership.

Make travel a financial priority in your life by including it as a line item in your monthly budget.

If you treat travel like a recurring bill you can potentially save hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars by the end of the year. It all depends on how aggressively you want to save for it.

How to implement it?

To do this, I recommend setting up a direct deposit with your employer. This way your money will get directly deposited into your travel bank account every time you get paid.

Helpful Tip: Don’t wait for the day after or even the week after to make this transaction, do it when you get paid.

The set up process is easy.

How to start a travel fund?

  1. Figure out how much you want to save towards travel every pay period.
  2. Set up direct deposit with your employer.
  3. Go about your life – set it, forget it and watch it grow!

Now if you want to schedule additional automatic transfers after you get paid to accelerate reaching your travel goals, by all means go for it! I believe in you!

See you next time for Episode 3 where we chat with Richelle Gamlam about teaching English in China!

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