Frantzces Lys co-found of Chronicles Abroad
Travel is transformative!

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Frantzces Lys is a Life Coach and the co-founder of Chronicles Abroad. Chronicles Abroad is a blog and podcast that uses travel to highlight stories of personal growth. From courageous world travelers and creative wanderers to digital nomads, Frantzces and co-host Nubia inspire people who have been wavering to finally pursue their dreams of moving abroad.

Frantzces also writes for various online platforms such as Tiny Buddha and she is a regular contributor to SOULE, an online publication for LGBTQ news and pop culture. Her mission in life is to inspire people to live mission-driven lives that feed their souls.

Life is like a movie but unlike movies, there are no sequels.

In this episode we cover:

  • Living, working and traveling abroad
  • How Facebook is a go-to for finding expat communities online
  • Frantzces’ personal experience being black in Asia
  • Maintaining natural hair abroad
  • Tackling student loans while living abroad
  • How travel is transformative

Connect with Frantzces Lys:

Facebook: @chroniclesabroad

Instagram: @chroniclesabroad

Instagram: @frantzceslys

Twitter: @chronicleabroad


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Brandon Neth from is an entrepreneur, real estate investor and travel enthusiast.
How to take advantage of points and miles, side hustles, and leverage real estate to build wealth.

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Brandon Neth left the U.S. for the first time in 2008 destined to teach English in Thailand. Him and his wife left with only $3,500 to their name. Twenty-two months later they returned home addicted to travel.

During their time abroad, Brandon taught English in China and India and worked in Australia for a year where he made some serious cash. Knowing he wanted to continue his nomadic lifestyle, Brandon tried a little bit of everything, however, when he discovered points and miles, it all came together.

Combining entrepreneurship, side hustles, investing and real estate, Brandon continues his nomadic lifestyle by diversifying his income streams.

Sixty-four countries later, Brandon and his wife travel six months out of the year. In addition to owning several real estate properties, Brandon works at, a personal finance site that provides valuable and entertaining content about personal finance and travel. 

In this episode we chat about:

  • Why using credit cards is a good idea if you want to travel more
  • Brandon’s favorite credit cards for travel rewards
  • What to look out for when getting a new credit card
  • How Brandon saved $100,000 working in Austraulia on the working holiday visa
  • Examples of side hustles that work
  • What digital nomads should look for when picking to live in a new destination including: internet speed, friendly locals, affordable standards of living, easy local laws and delicious food.
  • How to get started house hacking and leveraging real estate
  • Investing in ETFs and index funds

Resources Mentioned

Connect with Brandon Neth:


Instagram: @financebuzztravel

Pinterest: @financebuzzoffical

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Richelle Gamlam Teaching English in China

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Richelle Gamlam is a serial expat, travel blogger and spicy food lover who has spent the last five years living in China and traveling around Asia.

For more stories and misadventures, be sure to check out her blog Adventures Around Asia where she writes about Asia off the beaten path.

During her time in China, Richelle taught and worked in many different capacities.

As an oral English teacher she taught over 1,000 high school students at a Chinese public high school. She has also worked part-time at agencies teaching children, tutored pre-schoolers and even taught Business English to Chinese businessmen. Most recently she worked as a college counselor where she helped Chinese students get into U.S. universities.

Richelle has since quit her job to become a digital nomad exploring places, activities, and cultures most people miss in Asia.

In this episode we cover:

  • What inspired Richelle to study abroad in Beijing and Xi’an
  • Teaching English in China
  • Why teach abroad programs may not be the right fit for you
  • What is the TEFL certification?
  • Do you need the TEFL certification to teach English online?
  • Types of teaching jobs in China
  • Salary ranges for teaching in China
  • Spicy foods to try in China

Resources Mentioned:

Do I Need a TEFL to Teach Abroad in China?

TEFL Promo Code – Get 30% off with promo code “ASIAADV”.

Teach Abroad Mini Course: Teaching in China Made Easy

China Job Board

Want to teach abroad in China?

Here are 2 more valuable resources for you!

Join Richelle’s 3-Part Training Series.

  • Find a high paying job
  • Learn how to teach
  • Learn how to thrive in China

Join Richelle’s Facebook Community: China Teach Abroad Community.

This group is for you if you:

  • Want to teach in China someday
  • Are in the process of applying for jobs in China
  • If you’re already a teacher in China

Connect with Richelle:


Facebook: @adventuresaroundasia

Twitter: @adventures_asia

Instagram: @adventuresaroundasia

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