Trading Stocks and Traveling Full-time with Teri Ijeoma

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After getting denied vacation time for the third time and having a friend pass away abruptly, Teri Ijeoma decided that life was too short to not pursue her dreams. Teri Ijeoma is an entrepreneur, day trader, and real estate broker who encourages people to become knowledgeable in stocks and real estate.

After lots of practice and taking a class learning how to trade in the stock market, Teri quit her job when she made enough money to replace her full-time income. Now Teri trades full-time and travels the world.

In addition to investing, Teri has over 10 years of experience in operations, logistics, staff development, non-profits, and education. Teri graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with her Bachelor of Management Science and got a Master of Media and Communications from Dallas Theology Seminary.

Teri shows us that if we put our fears aside, we can potentially add stock trading to our portfolio as a viable income source.

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In this episode we cover:

  • What is a stock?
  • What is a brokerage account?
  • How Teri transitioned from working full-time to making over $1,000 a day trading and traveling.
  • Ways to talk to your boss about pursuing professional development opportunities.

How to get started with investing?

  1. Teri recommends opening a stock brokerage account.
  2. Look for brokerages with low fees or no minimums like Robinhood.
  3. Learn how to trade by starting with fake money.

Other brokerages to consider include:

Resources Mentioned

Sign up for Teri’s investment stock market class where you learn how she makes $1,000 a day and the (4) secrets that leads to Teri’s investing success.

Connect with Teri Ijeoma:


Instagram: @imaninvester

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What’s holding you back from starting to invest in the stock market?

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