Kylie is a British Expat living in the U.S. and blogs over at Between England and Iowa.

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Kylie Neuhaus is a British expat living in the USA. She enjoys drone photography and writes about expat life, the USA Green Card process and finding unique, active adventures in England, Iowa and everywhere in-between. She’s a lover of all things adrenaline including paragliding in New Zealand, glacier hiking in Austria and camel trekking in Morocco.


In this episode we talk about:

  • Emigrating to the USA
  • The ongoing visa and visa extension process
  • The difference between a visa and a green card
  • Ideas for what to include in your cover letter when looking for a job as an expat
  • Solo travel as a married woman
  • Ways to earn extra miles with American Airlines
  • Differences between healthcare in the USA and UK
  • How loyalty to airlines may not be the best strategy


Resources Mentioned:

Between England & Iowa: A Year in the Life of an Emigrating Wife – Available in paperback and Kindle

AAdvantage Aviator Red World Elite Credit Card

Ryanair – cheap flights throughout Europe

Silver Lake Sand Dunes in Michigan


Kylie’s Articles: 

Turks and Caicos Islands: Things To Do In Providenciales


Connect with Kylie:

Blog: Between England and Iowa

Facebook: @betweenenglandandiowa

Instagram: @englandandiowa

Twitter: @englandandiowa


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Episode 6: Yvette Morrissey from Wayfaring Kiwi and Accidental Adventures

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Yvette Morrissey is a 29 year old digital nomad from New Zealand. Every six months she packs up her possessions and moves to a different country. She is currently working and living in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Yvette is a budget traveler and over on her blog Wayfaring Kiwi she talks about her travels around the world, working remotely, and her random, crazy adventures including hiking over 500 miles on the Scottish National Trail.

In this episode we talk about how she quit her job in New Zealand, saved $8,000 NZD in 2 months (starting with no savings) and sold everything she owned to travel the world solo. While exploring Canada for 7 months she lived in a van where she saved a lot of money on housing and learned how to be comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Accidental Adventures

Yvette introduces us to the concept of “accidental adventures” and teaches us how being open and following your intuition can lead to creating some of the most amazing and unexpected life experiences.

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Yvette:


Facebook: @wayfaringkiwi

Instagram: @wayfaringkiwi11

Twitter: @wayfaringkiwi

Are you an aspiring financially savvy traveler who wants to afford to travel more? Listen to Episode 2 to learn how to start a travel fund.

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