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Want to showcase your brand to financially savvy travelers who value unforgettable experiences, financial freedom, and quality products?

I help travelers find creative ways to get the most out of their travel experiences and manage their money so they can travel more, pay off debt and build wealth.

The Thought Card Podcast is an award-winning travel and personal finance podcast recognized by Podia, FinCon, Hostelworld and Nomadic Matt as one of the best travel podcasts and travel podcasts that will give you serious wanderlust.

The Thought Card has over 106,000 podcast downloads with 17,000+ followers on social media.

For more information on how we can get started on a campaign, email thethoughtcard (at) gmail (dot) com. You can also review my most updated media kit here.

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Motley Fool Stock Advisor

Expedia Campaign

  • Goal: Convert listeners to subscribers of Expedia’s Out Travel the System Podcast
  • Campaign: Feed drop and pre-rolls ads
  • Total Campaign Impressions: 5,000 downloads and counting
  • Converted Devices: 89
  • Average Conversion Rate: 2.49% per episode

Cape Cod Tourism Campaign

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What CardPointers App has to say about The Thought Card Podcast

Tempe Tourism Campaign

  • Goal: Bring awareness to Tempe’s vibrant art scene and interview key figures in the space
  • Campaign: Full episode and pre-roll ads
  • Episode: Where To Experience Culture and Art in Tempe, Arizona
  • Downloads: 680 downloads in first 30 days
  • Total Campaign Impressions: 1,189 downloads and counting

Visit Rochester Tourism Campaign

  • Campaign: Full episode and (2) blog posts
  • Goal: Highlight why travelers should consider visiting Rochester and sampling Rochester’s local flavors
  • Episode: 5 Reasons To Visit Rochester, New York

What Listeners Are Saying

This podcast covers two of my biggest passions, travel and personal finance. Listening to a podcast that touches on these subjects and is constantly giving tips and tricks is extremely helpful and entertaining.

If you’re looking for a podcast that helps you reach that next phase in your life where you have the freedom and independence to call the shots, I could not recommend this show enough.

Totally adore this podcast. From lovely guest travel stories to helpful suggestions and tips. Explore this podcast! You’ll love it.

Danielle is such a joy to listen to and covers travel and finance from a very approachable perspective.

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