My experience living roommates and house hacking for 13 months.

In today’s mini episode I share why I rented out two bedrooms in my house and some of the challenging situations that I had to deal with while living with roommates. What was living with two roommates like? I would be lying if I said that living with roommates was easy but after 13 months of house hacking, I can look back at my experience, appreciate the lessons and move on with my life. 

Is having roommates all it’s cracked up to be? 

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Living with two roommates was extremely challenging – there were plenty of stressful moments, lots of annoying moments and quite a few tears. The truth is, after signing the dotted line and buying a house back in May 2017, I quickly realized that I wasn’t financially prepared for the aftermath.

What was living with two roommates like? 

Here I was the owner of a beautiful home but I had no furniture or working appliances. My house was empty and I didn’t have any money saved up for furniture or decorations. 

Slowly buying what I needed, I got roommates to help pay off all the credit card debt that I accumulated and offload some of my monthly expenses.

What’s important here is that I had a goal for the extra income. I used the extra income to pay off debt, pay my monthly bills and I saved the rest. 

Although there are obviously plenty of financial benefits to having roommates, it’s not always about the money. You have to also think about how having roommates may affect your mental and physical health.

Overall, I’m thankful that I’m at a point where I can afford to live on my own now. 

Helpful Tip: When saving for a house also save up for furniture, appliances and repairs. 

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Timeshare Presentations and Owning a Home at 26 with Tiffany Grant

Tiffany Grant is a self-proclaimed money nerd and after years of giving impromptu advice to family and friends, she started a blog Money Talk with T where she covers a wide variety of money topics from saving for retirement to paying off student loans.

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On Money Talk With T – Tiffany offers practical tips and tricks to use in everyday life and she shows how to live below your means so you can retire comfortably.

By saving, keeping a close eye on her credit and living below her means, she bought a house at the age of 26 while being a single mom of 2 kids. She has aspirations of being debt free (beside her house) by the age of 30.

In this episode we cover:

  • The important things that people need to know about timeshares
  • The sales tactics and demographics timeshares target
  • Why we would go to another timeshare presentation (we love the perks)
  • Buying a house in your twenties
  • Tiffany’s favorite personal finance podcasts

Resources Mentioned:

Danielle’s Articles

First-Time Home Buyer Tips for Buying a House in Your Twenties

Personal Finance Podcasts: 

Ramsey Solutions Podcast: Listen to debt free screams and personal finance questions from live callers.

The Clark Howard Show: Find deals, frugal living, and other money-saving tips.

Stacking Benjamins: This show infuses humor into financial topics and is a good fit for those who know a moderate amount about personal finance.

Motley Fool Money: More advanced financial topics, specifically investing.

Connect with Tiffany:


Facebook: @moneytalkwitht

Instagram: @moneytalkwitht

Twitter: @moneytalkwitht

YouTube: Money Talk with Tiff

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Have you considered buying a timeshare? Why or Why not?

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