Episode 53: Saving $60,000 House Sitting Around the World with Brittnay Sharman

Brittnay Sharman is an Autraulian professional house sitter.

Brittnay Sharman is a professional house sitter from Australia. She is one half of The Travelling House Sitters, a travel blog that shares everything you need to know about house sitting and pet sitting. Together with her partner Jayden, they have looked after 35 homes and 65 animals in 13 countries. They have over 21 house sits under their belt. In this episode, learn how house sitting has afforded Brittnay the opportunity to explore the world while keeping costs low. Brittnay and Jayden have house sat in New Zealand, Australia, Italy, France, Montenegro, Malaysia, Thailand, and the U.K.

Read more about how she saved 5,000 € house sitting in Ireland.

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Learn how to travel the world while saving money with Brittnay’s course How to Become a House Sitter. This course has all sorts of resources such as all the application templates they use, interview prep questions, tips for building the most appealing profile as well as the best house sitting platforms to use in different countries.

In this episode we cover:

  • How Brittnay Sharman got started house sitting.
  • How to become a house sitter
  • What is expected of a house sitter?
  • Benefits and perks of becoming a house sitter
  • Why the holidays (Christmas and New Year) are a good time to book house sits.
  • Countries with the most house sitting opportunities.
  • How Brittnay saved $60,000 traveling the world as a professional house sitter.

Resources Mentioned:

Brittnay Sharman is a professional house sitter and the founder of The Travelling Housesitters .
Brittnay exploring Altona Beach, Australia.

Connect with Brittnay Sharman:

Website: https://www.thetravellinghousesitters.com/

Course: How to Become a House Sitter

Facebook: @thetravellinghousesitters

Facebook Group: The Traveling House Sitters Group

Instagram: @thetravellinghousesitters

Twitter: @travelhousesit

Best websites for finding house sits and pet sits.
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