Tangia Renne Travel and Wellness Series on The Thought Card and The Skin You're In Podcast. Learn how to get back in your routine after a trip.

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This is Part II of the Travel and Wellness Series with Tangia Renee, the host of The Skin You’re In Podcast. Tangia Renee is a women’s empowerment speaker, Certified Personal Trainer and coach. She helps women prioritize self-care and break up with diet culture. In this episode, we chat about how to make wellness conscious decisions and more.

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In this episode we cover:

  • How to budget for trips
  • Tips for prioritizing your values and aligning your spending
  • How to pick travel destinations
  • How to find gyms nearby to your accommodation
  • Hotels vs hostels
  • What to pack to protect your health when you travel

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Instagram: @SkinYoureInPod

Travel tips for prioritizing wellness with Tangia Renee.

How do you manage your money on a trip and prioritize your wellness?

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