Episode 41: Travel and Wellness with Tangia Renee

Tangia Renne Travel and Wellness Series on The Thought Card and The Skin You're In Podcast. Learn how to get back in your routine after a trip.

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Taking care of your mind and body is very important when you travel. That is why I invited Tangia Renee, the host of The Skin You’re In Podcast on the show. The Skin You’re In is a podcast about demystifying all things wellness, health, and fitness for women to love their bodies, prioritize their wellness, and finally feel incredible in their own skin.

Tangia Renee is a women’s empowerment speaker, Certified Personal Trainer and coach. She helps women prioritize self-care and break up with diet culture. In this episode, we chat bout travel and wellness – how to set intentions for your wellness on a trip and ways to better manage your money.

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In this episode we cover:

  • What to do on vacation to stay healthy
  • Things to pack for your wellness
  • How to not go over board
  • Should you workout or not

Connect with Tangia Renee

Website: https://www.tangiarenee.com

Podcast: The Skin You’re In Podcast

Facebook: @theskinyoureinpodcast

Instagram: @SkinYoureInPod

How do you maintain your health and wellness on the road?

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