Episode 35: Practical Tips for Saving Money in Iceland

Iceland: Nature, Nurture & Adventure is an Iceland travel guide for planning an affordable and culturally enriching trip to Iceland.

Despite Iceland being an expensive travel destination, there are plenty of ways to save money on your trip. In this episode, I share an excerpt from my Iceland travel guide Iceland: Nature, Nurture & Adventure. Follow along by reading pages 40 to 43. Tips include making the most out of happy hour specials in Reykjavík, why you should avoid using bottles of water (drink from the tap) and how visiting off-season can save you money in Iceland.

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About Iceland: Nature, Nurture & Adventure

Iceland: Nature, Nurture & Adventure was the #1 New Release in Iceland & Greenland Travel on Amazon in August and September 2019.

From what to pack to things to do in Iceland, this travel guide shares how to plan an affordable, adventurous, and culturally enriching trip to Iceland.

Written with Black women in mind, it also encourages black women and other People of Color to visit Iceland and experience Iceland’s incredible landscape, unique foods, and rich culture.

Grab a copy of my Iceland travel guide here.

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  1. hub says:

    As an Icelander I can say this is all very correct! It s very expensive to be in Iceland and those tips are incredibly worthy. It s true with the water bottles, PLEASE do not buy water in Iceland it s ridiculous to do because they fill the bottles in the same place as the tab water comes from. Some people might not like the taste because it s so fresh so what you do is put it in a bottle and leave it in the fridge over night. Camping is a great way to safe money but be careful to do it on places that is allowed!! We care deeply for our nature and we don t like any travellers (local or not) to tear up our nature. Stay with a local and very likely they will be very happy about taking you guys on tours that would otherwise cost you a fortune! (like the golden circle or northern lights.. it s sad how much they charge travellers for that)

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