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Travel blogger by day and Physician by night, Nadeen White is an award-winning travel and lifestyle blogger, and Amazon bestselling author. Her affordable luxury travel blog The Sophisticated Life focuses on affordable luxury travel, destination guides, culinary travel and wine. In this episode we chat about how to afford more luxurious travel experiences.

A special thank you to Kenny Lee Young for the outro featured on this episode. Kenny Lee Young is a singer-songwriter out of Colorado and his music can be found at

In this episode we cover:

  • The common misconceptions about luxury travel
  • How we can travel more luxuriously on a budget
  • Tips for picking the best food experiences while traveling
  • How Nadeen balances her career, blogging and traveling

Resources Mentioned

Travel Guides To Your Favorite Travel Destinations by Nadeen White

USA Wine Guides for Travelers by Nadeen White

Nadeen White from The Sophisticated Life cruising to the Bahamas.
Nadeen cruising to the Bahamas!

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