Episode 13: All Things New Orleans with Fender and Maloney from Traveler Broads

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Fender and Maloney are the dynamic duo that make up Traveler Broads. Together they share domestic and international travel tips and help people find creative ways to interact and support local communities through hyper-local travel. Fender and Maloney are also enthusiastic New Orleans locals who know the French Quarter inside and out. In this New Orleans podcast episode, they’ll share with us their favorite tips to explore NOLA like a local.

In this episode we cover:

  • What is hyper-local travel?
  • Ways to support the local economy while traveling
  • Why New Orleans is a unique travel destination
  • Some of the things most tourists overlook when planning a trip to New Orleans
  • Ways to save money in New Orleans
  • Where to eat and drink in NOLA

Resources Mentioned

  • French Quarter Off the Record Map – The French Quarter Off the Record Map is perfect for those who want to learn what the French Quarter is like when you live there. Order your map before you get to New Orleans or find them throughout several stores in the French Quarter. It includes shopping, eating, bars to go to and lots more. 

Ways to save money in New Orleans:

  • Look at the events calendar and avoid price spikes from events like New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Mardi Gras, Essence Festival, Halloween etc.
  • You are allowed to drink on the streets – so you technically don’t have to go into a bar to have a drink if you don’t want to.
  • You don’t have to spend a lot of money on good food in New Orleans.

Where to find the best drinks in New Orleans?

The best food spots in New Orleans?

Where to stay in New Orleans?

Favorite Quotes

“Write those reviews because they mean something and they are important and people will see those.” – Maloney 

“The first thing we do when we get to a new place is take a food tour if we can.” – Fender

“Everyone here is living their life and having fun.” – Maloney

“Seek out the good stuff, that extends to food and drink.” – Fender

“Always sit at the bar if you’re an oyster person.” – Fender

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Planning a trip to New Orleans? What are you most looking forward to?

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