Travel Tips For Visiting Puerto Rico

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Eseosa “Sosa” Eke is a brand stylist and design consultant with a knack for helping real estate professionals, entrepreneurs, and small businesses build authentic and recognizable brands. At her 9-5 she runs the marketing department for The Bronx and Westchester’s largest privately held commercial real estate firm. Sosa is also my best friend and frequent travel companion. Over the years we’ve traveled to Bermuda, Iceland, and San Francisco together. This was Sosa’s second trip to Puerto Rico and my first.


In this episode we cover:

  • San Juan on a budget
  • Our travel styles – why we love short trips
  • Our favorite things about San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • What we would do differently next time

San Cristóbal, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Condado Beach, San Juan, Puerto Rico


Resources Mentioned:

Getting an Airbnb in San Juan is an affordable way to save on lodging.

Uber is also affordable, fast and convenient in San Juan.

  • Helpful Tip: There are no Ubers available from San Juan International Airport (SJU) only metered taxis. Our 15 minutes taxi ride to our Airbnb (which cost $70 a night) in San Juan cost $26 which included tip.

Connect with Eseosa:

Instagram: @real_inspired 



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Need help packing for Puerto Rico – grab my essentials packing list!


Are you heading to Puerto Rico soon?

What do you need help with in planning your trip?


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The Thought Card Episode 10: San Juan Puerto Rico Travel Tips (1 Year After Hurricane Maria) including top travel tips for visiting San Juan Puerto Rico and things to do in San Juan Puerto Rico with Eseosa Eke.
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