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A private podcast that will push you to reach your travel and financial goals faster. Designed for fans of The Thought Card Podcast who want to dive deeper into the strategies, tips, and advice that leads to a travel-abundant and prosperous life.

Financially Savvy Travelers Club

Host of The Thought Card Podcast, Danielle Desir has traveled to 27 countries, paid off $63,000 of student loan debt in 4 years, purchased her first home at the age of 27, and paid off $40,000+ of her mortgage in less than 5 years. She credits her financial success to being strategic, creative, and looking past the obstacles and limitations. She hopes to become financially independent and retire by the age of 40. 

When You Join You Get

Private Podcast Feed

  • Extended interviews with guests that do not make it on the public podcast. Expect at least (2) per month.
  • Bonus episodes answering questions submitted by club members.
  • With nearly 100 episodes of The Thought Card Podcast (yay), older episodes are no longer available on the public feed (sorry but I don’t control this). With your subscription, you’ll have access to all past episodes that have fallen off the public feed.
  • Audio versions of my most popular blog posts.
  • (Coming in July) Access to Danielle’s audiobook Planning Local Trips During A Pandemic.  

Extended interviews in the private podcast feed include: 

  • How to reduce scarcity mindset.
  • Best tools and resources to plan a trip.
  • How to include side hustles in your resume.
  • How to monetize a podcast and work with brands.

Press play to listen to an example of an extended interview. 


  • Intro To Financially Savvy Travel: Learn how to prioritize saving money for travel and finding cheap flights.
  • Setting Financial Goals: Learn how to set financial goals in 5 easy steps.

Also Get Instant Access to These Bonus Workshops

45-minute workshop valued at $25

Intro to Financially Savvy Travel with Danielle Desir

35-minute workshop valued at $50

Who is this private podcast feed for?

  • You love The Thought Card Podcast and want to continue learning more from Danielle and each guest.
  • You want to support the show and see Danielle become a full-time podcaster.
  • You enjoy learning on the go — while doing laundry, walking the dog, or making dinner.
  • You want to access our content wherever and whenever you want.
  • You don’t have the time or the attention span to watch long videos.
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