Dielle Charon started a coaching business and matched her corporate salary in three months.

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Dielle Charon is a Side Hustle Success Coach and the host of Side Hustle with Soul Podcast. In three months she matched her corporate monthly salary with her coaching business. Dielle helps passionate side hustlers consistently sign clients in their coaching and service based businesses. In this episode she shares how to start a purposeful and profitable side hustle outside your nine to five. This episode was recorded live at She Podcasts LIVE in Atlanta.

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In this episode we cover:

  • Why Dielle started a side hustle.
  • Side hustles ideas.
  • Why start a service-based business.
  • How she’s used her side hustle to pay off student loan debt.
  • Time management tips and how to get more done.
  • Resources to sharpen your skills including attending live events, hiring coaches etc.

Resources Mentioned

Traveling the world, side hustling, and paying off debt with Danielle Desir – Side Hustle with Soul Podcast with Dielle Charon

She Podcast LIVE

Connect with Dielle Charon

Website: https://diellecharon.com/

Side Hustle with Soul Podcast: Apple Podcast and Sticher

Instagram: @sidebizcoach

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Freelance Writing with Terri Huggins
Want to get started freelance writing? 
Terri Huggins Hart shares exactly how you can get started even without any prior experience. 

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Terri Huggins Hart is a freelance writer by day, a Zumba instructor, and enthused pole dancer. Her work can be found in Redbook, The Frisky, Dance Magazine, Huffington Post, Bridal Guide and more. When she’s not writing, dancing or helping people find joy, Terri can be found volunteering for a cause dear to her heart and finding new ways to aggressively beat down debt.

In this episode, Terri teaches us how to get started in freelance writing. She shows us that not only can freelance writing be a fulfilling career but it can also be a lucrative side gig too!SaveSave



In this episode we cover:

  • What is a freelance writer?
  • The day in the life of a freelance writer (and new mom)
  • The difference between a freelance journalist and freelance writer/blogger
  • Tips for getting started as a freelance writer
    • Start a blog
    • Start pitching editors
    • Never give up – consistency and patience is key
  • What to include in a pitch to an editor
  • Does having a degree in journalism really matter?

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Terri Huggins Hart

Website: http://blog.terrificwords.com

Instagram: @terrificwords

Twitter: @terrificwords

See you back here for episode 21 where we chat about setting financial goals.

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Ogechi the founder of One Savvy Dollar Talks Tuition Reimbursement Programs

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Ogechi Igbokwe understands how student loan debt can wreak havoc on our lives. How it robs us of our peace of mind and the ability to pursue our goals like buy a house, travel, get married or start a family.

Ogechi is a certified financial educator and founder of One Savvy Dollar.

One Savvy Dollar is a personal finance website that helps people find companies that offer tuition reimbursements and empowers them to save more, pay down debt, increase their net worth and build wealth. As a money expert, she helps people make money moves today that their future self will thank them for. She’s been featured on sites like Nerdwallet, Clever Girl Finance and more, and I’m so excited to chat with her about her debt repayment journey!

In this episode, Ogechi shares her debt repayment story and how she’s helping recent grads get a leg up in life by taking advantage of tuition reimbursement programs through their employers.

Tuition reimbursement programs are important because they help you reduce your student loans and you get paid to work and earn your degree at the same time!

“To be savvy is to be knowledgeable and smart about your life.” – Ogechi

In this episode we talk about:

  • What motivated Ogechi to pay off her student loan debt
  • How she paid off $26,000 of student loan debt in 3 years
  • What are employer-sponsored tuition reimbursement programs?
  • How to figure out if your company offers tuition reimbursement
  • Other options to consider if your employer doesn’t offer a tuition reimbursement program
  • Industries offering employees tuition reimbursement benefits 
    • Healthcare
    • Technology
    • Education
    • Financial
    • Oil & Gas
    • Airlines
    • Manufacturing and more

Connect with Ogechi

Website: https://onesavvydollar.com

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1495558457163470/

Instagram: @onesavvydollar

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The Thought Card - Check your paychecks

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In today’s mini episode, we talk about the important lessons that I learned from not checking my pay stubs. Yet, I bet that I’m not alone in this. Many people don’t check their paychecks often enough. But what happens when something goes wrong and there’s an error that may actually affect your pay? I share my mistake story and why I now take a few minutes to make sure everything is accurate on my paychecks.

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Meet the Host – Danielle Desir

My name is Danielle Desir, and I believe that when we make informed financial decisions, we can go very far. As a financially savvy traveler, I also believe that anyone can afford to travel, and this podcast shares the tools and resources, secrets and stories of how travelers from around the world are making smart money decisions to afford to travel more, pay off debt and amass wealth.

Read more about me here.

The Thought Card Podcast Episode 3 with Christine Hasebrink Safari Guide

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Christine Hasebrink is an adventurer, entrepreneur and a passionate safari guide.

After studying international business administration in the Netherlands and Hungary, she began her career as a Marketing Manager at one of the world’s leading auditing and management consultancies in Germany.

In 2014, she followed her inner voice and left Germany to become a trained safari guide in South Africa. Since then, Christine travels the world as a business oriented digital nomad and runs her own business where she rocks marketing projects for companies around the world.

She is bursting with energy, loves getting inspiration from the African Bush and is constantly evolving while following her heart.


In the episode we talk about:

  • Why Christine Hasebrink left her career in Germany to become a safari guide
  • What is a digital nomad?
  • The pros and cons of being a digital nomad
  • Porto, Portugal as an affordable destination for digital nomads


Connect with Christine:

Website: https://christine-hasebrink.de/en/

Instagram: @christine_hasebrink

Email: post@christine-hasebrink.de


See you back here next time for tips for visiting San Juan, Puerto Rico!



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First Timer Perspective at FinCon

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I just got back from attending my first FinCon conference in Orlando, Florida. I’m still buzzing from all of the excitement! There I met many influencers in the personal finance space including Yasmine Bisumber. Yasmine and I connected instantly – we are both passionate about personal finance and this was our first FinCon conference.

Yasmine Bisumber is a Realtor and Lifestyle Strategist with a passion for personal finance. She helps entrepreneurs and influencers build wildly successful businesses while designing a fully funded lifestyle.

In this episode we chat about what it’s like attending FinCon for the first time.


What is FinCon?

Photo by FinCon. 

FinCon is a 4-day conference where digital content creators can connect with each other, brands and media. At the conference over 2,000 attendees learned how to make better content, reach their audience and make more money.

FinCon is the ideal conference for bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers and influencers as well as media companies and brands like financial advocacy organizations, FinTech companies, banks, credit unions and more. It is truly where money and media meet (conference tagline). The conference includes sessions, workshops, events, keynotes, meetups, exhibits and tons of networking opportunities. 

Even if you’re not a personal finance content creator, I still recommend attending – that’s how valuable I think it is!


In this episode we cover:

  • Our top goals for attending FinCon18
  • Tips for new FinCon attendees
  • Our favorite things about FinCon
  • How to connect with attendees
  • What we learned that has transformed our businesses


Resources Mentioned

FinCon – Where Money & Media Meet 

The First Timer’s Guide to #FinCon18

Download the FinCon app – Search in the app store (Android and iOS) for “FinCon”

Networking Contact Management Spreadsheet Template by Dreams in Drive

FinCon18 Budget Breakdown: How Much Did FinCon Cost?


Connect with Yasmine Bisumber:

Website: https://fullyfundedlifestyle.com

Instagram: @livefullyfunded


Want to learn more about investing in the stock market? Check out Episode 7 where I chat with Teri Ijeoma another FinCon attendee I met in Orlando!

Photo by FinCon. 


See you next time for Episode 9 where we chat with Christine Hasebrink about quitting her job to become a safari guide in Africa.


Can’t get enough of FinCon? For more info, check out TruFinancials FinCon18 Review!


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