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The Thought Card Podcast is a top-rated affordable luxury travel and personal finance podcast empowering financially travelers with the tools and resources to travel the world, earn more money, pay off debt, and build wealth. Join us as we explore creative ways to obtain financial freedom and live on your terms every other week.

About Host: Danielle Desir Corbett

Hey there, I’m Danielle Desir Corbett!

Welcome to The Thought Card Podcast, where being financially savvy means affording travel and living life on your terms.

Whoever said you couldn’t have it all lied – it’s time to debunk the myths, ditch the limiting beliefs, and shift your money mindset.

On the podcast, hear inspiring stories from financially savvy travelers using their hard-earned money to creatively pay off debt, travel the world, and build wealth.

Learn how to make your goals a financial priority and stay the course regardless of whatever is happening around you. Let the adventures begin!

Danielle Desir Host of The Thought Card Podcast

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    Thank you so much for doing a podcast that encompasses my two passions: travel and personal finance. Danielle really does a lot of research and asks great questions of her guests. She doesn’t shy away from anything which I love.

    When I found The Thought Card Podcast by Danielle Desir last year during my first year of international travels, it was the perfect combination of education, tips, and fun that bridges these two topics together harmoniously.

    Danielle has pulled back the curtain on how to stretch your dollar while traveling. This podcast is filled with great tips + tricks to help you travel farther and deeper on a limited budget. Her calm and comforting demeanor shines through as she interviews some great experts on this topic.

    I just wanted to say that I totally enjoy your podcast and want to thank you for it. I’ve never been able to save let alone invest my monies but I’m starting now thanks to you.